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Homework 01/10
« on: October 01, 2022, 10:44:56 pm »
Dear All,

Today we have reviewed the lesson电视和上网,please make sure you are able to use attchment words and grammer to speak and write short essay.

Well done 李美思,Isabella full marks in dictation. And all of you who handed in your homework wrote excellent essays, especially Nathan,家雯,Haley, 李美思,刘子勤, 非常棒!

1. practise below words for next week dictation.

张-surname/measure word, ,演员yan yuan,​电影票,贵gu,棒bng,有意思,星期六,星期几,昨天,好看​, 舒服shūfu,钱qin,朋友pngyou, 安静an jing

multiple sounds (多音字): 乐yu器,可乐kěl/快乐,
multiple meaning: 花-spend/flower, 导演Director(Noun)/direct (V)

Aware that I will pick some of these words to ask you to make sentance. Therefore make sure you undersatnd the meaning and know how to use frequent phrase, such as 我觉得,我喜欢,因为...所以,以前,一...就..,像,虽然...但是...,很好看、有意思,有趣,除了...还, 有时候...有时候,一般,最 etc

2. please find attched grammer skill and review what we learnt, then please write an essay (60-80字)
please refer to the questions and key words on P73-5.

3. please translate below sentences in English or Chinese on your notebook.

b>My friend has called me to go to the cinema, but I did not want to go because the tickets is too expecsive.
c>我喜欢在网上买东西,很方便,很节省(jie sheng-save)时间。
d>Peter got a mobile phone from her dad,she was very excited about it, becasue she can use it to listen to music.

Have a lovely weekend.

Yan Liu

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