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lesson 3 01/10/2022
« on: October 01, 2022, 11:30:25 pm »
Dear all,
Hi hope you are well.
First, a very warm welcome to Rowan in our class, nice to meet you little man, hope you enjoyed today lesson.
In writing, We did lots of review this afternoon, this is because most pupils find difficult in writing the character 四 (four). On next week , we'll be carry on to learn五(five).
We also practised how to introduce our self in Chinese,   hello 你好,I am 我是。。。,teacher老师,good bye再见.
We listen and practise  the song 一二三四五, and we also played the game 老狼,老狼几点了(Mr.wolf), I am glad that kids loves the game and they learnt counting in Chinese quicker than I expect.
on next week,
1.please bring book4 你几岁(how old are you).
2. pencil and rubber for writing. if you can bring colour pencils as well.
3.children go home today with a homework, please encourage your child to finish it and bring back to me. if you need any help. the attached PPT will help.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Lyn laoshi
Cindy laosi

The Reception team.

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