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lesson 4 08/10/2022
« on: October 08, 2022, 11:37:10 pm »
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
The children have had a great lesson  this afternoon.
We started with self introduction, practised to said: 你好, 我是---,我---岁了(Hello, I am ___, I am__
years old.) Then , we move on into  writing. We reviewed all the numbers we have learnt which is 一,二,三,四 and we learnt  new characters 五,六 (five and six). Well done all for working  so hard.
Book 4 (你几岁, how old are you) for reading . We went through the whole book in class . please help your child read at home, don't worry if they cant read by themselves, just plays the video attached, and let them have a go.
We also watched the story of 菲菲生气了(Fei Fei was angry) as part of listening session. Children seems not quite understand what was it about, I have explained to them and hope you will plays the video during the week.
For homework, children go home with 2 sheets of works to be complete at home. For those who is absent, homework attached below.
next week, we will still works on numbers and book 4, so don't forget to bring stationary for writing and book 4 for reading.
thank you.

have a lovely weekend.

Lyn laoshi
Amerly laoshi

the reception team

P/S: here are the fun games for children to plays . please click on the wordwall link below and have fun!

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