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1/10 家庭作业


Dear all:
Today we learned Lesson13 Colours Text 2,
1,New words:新 词 汇
2,Reading comprehension 阅读理解
3,Q&A :Speaking and Listening口语练习
When we practiced speaking and listening today, the students answered very well. But I hope every
one to learn to ask more questions, such as:
1. What colour is this taxi? 1,这辆出租车是什么颜色的?
2. What colour is your clothes? 2,你的衣服是什么颜色的?
3. Do you like purple or yellow?3,你喜紫色还是黄色?

******Home work 家庭作业:Every one :The first thing to do after entering the class: Please hand in
your homework on the desk where I tell you to put it.
1.   Reading阅读:
A, TEXTBOOK Page 96&100, Text1&2  ,
B,Review Lesson10 时间
Please read it fluently and remember the vocabularies we learned today, we will dictate next week.
2.  preview Page 1104穿着, Text 1;
3.  Workbook:   P141: Q15
                       P143: Q 18,
                       P144: Q 20
                       P145: Q 23
4.   Optional:P110 Q8



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