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Dear all:
Today we learned Lesson14 Clothing Text2,
1,New words:新 词 汇
2,strokes order 笔画顺序:every one practiced the stroke order of writing  of each new word.
3,Review复习了颜色 和 Lesson14 Clothing Text1,( 衬衫,牛仔裤,裙子,穿)
******Home work 家庭作业:
Every one :The first thing to do after entering the class: Please hand in your homework on the desk
1.   Reading阅读: TEXTBOOK Page 104,text1 & P108, text 2
2 Remember the words about time:现在,有时候,点,分,刻,零
      Review  the vocabularies we learned today, 穿,穿着,衬衫,牛仔裤,裙子,汗衫,外套,毛衣,校服,衣服,长裤,短裤。 we will dictate some of the words above next week.
3.  Workbook:   P151: Q9
                       P151: Q 10
                       P153: Q 12,Q13
                       P154: Q16
4.   Optional:    P157:Q 20
When we celebrate the Chinese New Year 28/01/2023, our class will prepare a program. I have prepared two songs,  please tell me next week: which one are you going to sing. thanks.


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