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24/9 家庭作业


Dear all:
Today we learned Lesson13 Colours Text 1,
1,New words:新 词 汇
2,Sentence pattern:句 型
3,Radicals 偏 旁 部 首:
疒 disease ,火 fire , 弓 bow , 力 strength  礻ritual
Every one did good job! I hope you can say the colours and also write them .

******Home work 家庭作业:
1.   Reading阅读:
 TEXTBOOK Page 96, Text1  ,Please read it fluently and remember the vocabularies we learned today, we will dictate next week.
2.  preview Page 100, Text 2; Page 101, Q1
3.  Workbook:   P135: Q2
                       P137: Q 4,
                       P139: Q 10,11
                       P140: Q 13
4.   Optional: Write about You and your family:
How many people are there in your family? who are they? What do your father and mother do? What colour do they like? What
 colour do you like and what colour do you dislike.

*****When you come back next Saturday, please sit on the table where your name is at. Also, please don't forget your fantasy
colouring, we compete to see who can paint the most colours and can write different colours in Chinese.

See you next week :)


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