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8/10 Homework


Dear all:
Today we learned Lesson14 Clothing Text1,
1,New words:新 词 汇
冂(border):                同 字 部      同   周
牛(cow):                  牛 字 旁      物   特 
贝(shell):                 贝 字 旁      贵   财
冫(ice):                    冰 字 旁      冷   冰
户(household):         户 字 旁      房   肩
忄(feeling):              竖 心 旁      情   忙
3,Reading comprehension 阅读理解
******Home work 家庭作业:Every one :The first thing to do after entering the class: Please hand in
your homework on the desk where I tell you to put it.(Students who are late today did not hand in their
 homework, please remember to hand it to the teacher next time. thanks)
1.   Reading阅读: TEXTBOOK Page 104,text and new words ;P106, Q3
2, Review Lesson13, words:颜色,颜色,红色,粉红色,黑色,白色,黄色,
      Remember the words about time:现在,有时候。
      Review  the vocabularies we learned today, 穿,穿着,衬衫,牛仔裤,裙子。
      we will dictate some of the words above next week.
3.  Workbook:   P146: Q1
                       P147: Q 2,
                       P149: Q 6,7
                       P150: Q 8



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