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parents consultation schedule Revision


Happy new year every one:
Well done all for your hard work in the first half of the academic year, well done for good results from your mid year exam!
Let's enjoy our performance next week, Poetry recitation  春夜喜雨 :)

Here is our parents consultation schedule, please let your parents know
time table  parent consuitation:
2.45-2.50 Eloise Wat
2.50-2.55 Sophia
2.55-3.00 Chistina
3.00-3.05 Anna
3.05-3.10 Zoe
3.10-3.15 Marcel
3.15-3.20 Adam
3.20-3.25 Austin
3.25-3.30 Tina
3.30-3.35 Fatiha
3.35-3.40 Henry
3.50-3.55 Mimi


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