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class summary and homework 01/10/2022
« on: October 01, 2022, 05:33:19 pm »
1 Oct 2022

Today, we first had characters with multiple sounds (多音字) 乐、行and tongue twist (吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮,不吃葡萄倒吐葡萄皮)as  class warm up.

 Thank you Jamie did the wonderful show and tell about gun powder one of four Chinese famous inventions, the other 3 are compass, paper making and printing. I am looking forward to Cindy and Chulin’s show next week.

As for our first dictation, well done Alvaro, Daniel, Alexandra, Mia, Chulin, Ethan, Lauran, Nongjun, Zihao, Szayan, Cindy, Cherie and Phoebegot full marks. I am very pound of you.

Then we reviewed the formality of writing a Chinese letter, you can practice in word wall:

Today we start a new topic of Household chores(家务), we learnt many new words including 父母,宠,让,家务,很累,吸尘,收纳,收拾,做饭,种花儿,剪草,烧烤,野餐,轻活儿,熨衣服,擦地板,窗户,简单.  Please read and write at least 5 times each.

We also highlight the frequency adjunct (频度状语), e.g. 总是(always)、从来不(never)、经常/常常(often)、通常(usually)、平时(normally)、有时候(sometimes)in the text book, and seldom很少,hardly从来不,scarcely几乎不 for additional.  The frequency increasing order is “从来不,很少,有时候,常常/经常,通常,平时,总是”.
At last, we made a few long sentences in exercise 1 p41 one by one using these words.  For talking in mandarin practice, we will p42 2/p39 13 together next week and focus more on exercise. 

There is the video showing how to make a paper if you are interested:

1.      Reading: text 1 and 2. Complete textbook p39 13, p42 2, p43 4
2.      Workbook p46 1,2,3,5;  p51 13, 16
3.    Optional: p49 9 (no need to submit will do together in the class)
4. This homework is for 2 weeks: Workbook p38 8—writing about your daily routine, 5-7 sentences are minimum requirement.  Important: please do the writing practice in a separate piece of paper, and I am going to give individual comments and corrections.
Please prepare a notebook for taking notes on the class if need it. Here is a very useful Chinese written website. If they can use pinyin to type Chinese, and look up the words on the website, then it will show the strokes order of the words.


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